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4. 4. 2005

Mednarodna arhitekturna delavnica v Grožnjanu

Letos se bo med 14. avgustom že drugič v Mednarodnem centru v Grožnjanu odvijal mednarodni simpozij za teorijo in oblikovanje v digitalni dobi v navezavi z arhitekturno delavnico pod vodstvom britanskega teoretika Nigela Whiteleya in biroja Penezić in Rogina arhitekti. Letošnja tema “SENZACIJA – ostani v zvezi” želi poudariti neizkoriščene možnosti digitalne dobe, kateri je imanenten pristop, kjer sta um in telo, če že ne integrirana v nenehnem spremenljivem odnosu.


SENSATION: Keeping in Touch

Theory: Nigel Whiteley (Lancaster University, GB)
Workshop: PENEZIC & ROGINA architects (Zagreb, HR)

Guest critics: Masayo Ave, product designer (Milan, IT)
Zarko Paic, writer/theoretician (Zagreb, HR)
Helena Paver Njiric, architect (Zagreb, HR)
Antonino Saggio, architect/theoretician (Rome, IT)

Time: 7–14 August 2005


Language: English
Participants: 15 - 20

Fee and lodging: 350 EUR
Meals (approx): 20 EUR per day (facultative)

Submission deadline: 15 May 2005
Detailed information and registrations at or
More about Groznjan at

SENSATION: Keeping in Touch

Architecture and design for the digital age is often reductivist and in the legacy of movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) in which technological hardware was housed in a pure and featureless environment. Space Age purity and sterility may have given way to Digital Age anonymity and flexibility, but the results are often still guided by the values of a technological determinism - dating back at least to the 1920s and the First Machine Age - that equate technology with order and cleanliness. It has come to represent the separation of the brain and the body, and the denial of bodily sensation and experience.

In the digital age, we are far more aware of the importance of an holistic approach in which mind and body are, if not integrated, at least in continual but changing relationship. The theme of this year’s International Symposium, SENSATION: Keeping in Touch, acknowledges the need to engage with all the senses in design for the digital age. Keeping in touch does not just imply communication through electronic media, simulacra and hyperreality, but a more literal touch, the pleasure of sensation, the excitement of tactilty, the sensuousness of surface, the sensuality of skin, the resonance of sound, the evocativeness of taste, and the seductiveness of synaesthesia.

The symposium is fundamentally practical.
Workshops hosted by P&R are supplemented by discussions led by Nigel Whiteley.

Nigel Whiteley, theoretician of architecture, design and media, professor of Visual Arts at Lancaster University, UK. His book entitled Reyner Banham: Historian of the Immediate Future was published in 2002 by MIT Press. He has been a visiting professor in India and China, and has recently worked in South Korea, Japan and the USA. No stranger to Croatia, he is the author of Reality Check, the book that deals with P&R’s completed projects. More at

PENEZIC & ROGINA architects; established by Vinko Penezic and Kresimir Rogina; awarded six times at competitions in Japan; realised a number of projects of various typologies; exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2000 and 2004 and at the Milan Triennale 2005; their works are published in Croatian and foreign professional literature; part of their interest is theory and architecture criticism. More at

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