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22. 11. 2005

Architectural Policies: Finnish experience

Tiina Valpola
The Finnish Government’s Architectural Policy Programme (approved in 1998) has been published in five languages and it has worked as a model or source of inspiration in many European countries.

In my presentation I will, in the first place, discuss the Finnish experience but also introduce the European Forum for Architectural Policies created in 2000 as the joint initiative of the Finnish and French EU Presidencies - a network that brings together professionals working in the sector, cultural institutions with responsibility for architecture and representatives of the Member States.

Today many new countries in Europe are preparing their architectural policy programmes in order to enforce their competitiveness and identity. In Finland the focus has moved from the national level onto the local and regional level: as many as six larger and middle-size cities and three regions have made or are preparing their own architectural policy programmes and a dozen others are seriously considering it.
Making a local architectural policy programme is clearly seen as a good means to meet and tackle the contradictory expectations which the rapidly changing reality causes to our societies and their development.

Publications: Tiina Valpola, The Högfors Case and How it was Realized (in Finnish), Helsinki 1996; Tiina Valpola, Sakari Hänninen and Kirsti Salmi-Niklander (eds.); Mapping Industrial Identities, Meeting Local Challenges, Helsinki 1998; Tiina Valpola (ed.) The Ignoble Industrial Heritage - Discussions on Urban Transition in the Nordic and Baltic Countries, forthcoming (2006).

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Tiina Valpola (1947) - architect, educator, policy maker.

Project Manager and Special Advisor of the National Council for Architecture / The Finnish Architectural Policy Programme, 2004 -

Project Manager in the Nordic-Baltic project Industrial Heritage Platform

Own private architectural office since 1981.

Main co-ordinator and head of design in several art, cultural and research projects, such as Culture Factory, a nationwide art exhibition and festival on visual arts, film and music, 1993; Crisis, Chaos or Challenge, an international research symposium about the problems and possibilities of old industrial localities, 1995; Childhood Space - Children's Factory, an international cross-cultural summer and art exhibition for children, 1998 (part of the EU's Kaleidoscope programme).

Articles in various publications on preservation, re-use, renovation, industrial heritage, as well as on good practice, architectural policies, the built environment, education etc.

Vice President of the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) 1999–2002; Member of The Delegates Council of SAFA, 1999– (Vice President 2004–) ; Member of the Editorial Board of ark - The Finnish Architectural Review, 2000– ; Member of the board of Forum Artis ry [co-operation organization for Finnish artists' associations), 2003– ; Member of the board of Finnish Cultural Institute in New York, 2004–.

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