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22. 11. 2005

The Austrian Platform for architectural policy and building culture

Roland Gruber
Shortly before the most recent general elections for the National Assembly in Austria were held in autumn 2002 a selected circle of dedicated people worked together to elaborate questions concerning architectural culture, landscape planning and engineering to be submitted to the Austrian political circles. This was finally done with the help of a questionnaire presented within the framework of a very well attended podium discussion and a number of individual meetings.

The respective replies have been widely published in the architectural media. They also can be found on the website: at, however at present unfortunately only in German language.

The exercise clearly demonstrated a substantial lack of information in the political circles on the one hand. On the other hand the policy-makers clearly showed great interest to further continue the dialogue and to intensify the existing contacts.

Thus originated the motivation for an active follow-up even beyond the election 2002 with the overall aim to foster a long-term dialogue with the political decision-makers on various levels.

In line with the slogan „architecture should be present everywhere – construction has to turn into architecture“ an appropriate awareness towards the cultural responsibility should be created at the same time enhancing the understanding for contemporary architecture and architectural culture.

As a first priority the organisation of an enquete in the Austrian Parliament has been stated in 2004. The first report of building culture is scheduled for autumn 2006.

Another important highlight will be the meeting of the European Forum for Architectural Policy in Vienna in June 2006, who is organized by the platform.

Plattform Architekturpolitik und Baukultur
Krugerstraße 17/2
1010 Wien
T: +43 1 513 08 95

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Roland Gruber, Mag.arch, MBA (1972) studied architecture at the University of art and industrial design in Linz and at the Federal Technical University in Zurich/Switzerland; diploma research in London; completed post gradual MBA studies of culture management in Salzburg and Chicago.

Founding member and spokesman of the Austrian Platform for Architecture Policies since 2004

Project manager of Wonderland - European Architecture Networking Project since 2004

Manager of überholz - University course for culture and timber constructions at the University of art and industrial design in Linz/Upper Austria since 2004

Founding member of noncon:form architects in 1999


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